Monday, November 17, 2014

Greetings and salutations...

Reverand Jim here...
It just recently dawned on us...that we automatically assumed that everyone in the world is on the book of face and is aware of our twice monthly meet ups. Never thinking some of you actually follows us here on the blog. So to alleviate any further confusion...not only am I posting the dates on here for the rest of the year of 2014, but will post the dates for 2015 as soon as we get those hammered out. Also you have my word as well as the RBMC that we will watch over the blog and update it along with our Facebook page. That being said, for your reading pleasure, here are the remainig dates for The Cleveland Drink n' Draw Social Club meet ups. As I said, rest assured we will put the dates for 2015 up as soon as we get those worked out. Now get your face to the place.....
The first Wedsnesday of the month is at The Great Lakes Brewery on Market Avenue in Cleveland. The remaining dates for 2014 are...Wedsnesday December 3rd...7:00 p.m....2nd floor in the fancyschmancy Rockefeller Room.
The third Thursday's of the month we meet at The Lava Lounge in Tremont. Those remaining dates for 2014 are...This Thursday, November 20th...and December 18th. Again...7:00 p.m...2nd floor
So that's it folks...more info to come. And thanks for participating.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Greetings and salutations...

Afternoon my DnD peeps. Just a reminder...this Thursday is Drink and Draw at The Lava Lounge in Tremont. 7:00-11:00 ish as always...I think this will be our Halloween think of something spooky to draw. Before leaving you to your's some pics from our new Wedsnesday meet ups with our friends at Great Lakes Brewery. An extra huge shout out to our newbies that made it to the event.....hope to see you at Lava.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Sunday reminder

To all our drinkers and scribblers...just a friendly reminder. Wedsnesday October 2nd...and every 1st Wedsnesday after that , Cleveland's Drink and Draw Social Club comes to Great Lakes Brewery. Head to the 2nd floor...the fancy pants Rockefeller Room, at our normal time 7:00-11:00. See yer face in the place.

Finally an update....

Things have been quite chaotic for the a good way...but between posting to the blog and site,  numerous live draws, preparing for our solo show in October..and miscellaneous other projects, we've been hard pressed to update this blog. I've volunteered to help keep this blog moving and updating more frequently.
With this post comes a big announcement. Starting in October, The Drink and Draw Social Club Cleveland Chapter is announcing that our friends at Great Lakes Brewing Company has invited us to hold a monthly Wednesday version of our event. So starting October 2nd...and every 1st Wedsnesday of the month, The RBMC will be holding the event on the 2nd floor, The Rockefeller room (so bring your fancy hats) above the restaurant. Same hours as our 3rd Thursday event, 7-11:00ish. So what this means to you groovy art peeps in Cleveland is 2 events every month. The 1st Wedsnesday at GLBC...The 3rd Thursday at the Lava Lounge!! Can you ask for anything cooler? Let me answer for ya,  no you can't. And now a butt load of pics supplied by our own Sultan of the Shutter, Ben Hale. Thanks Ben. 
See yuse all on October 2nd!!
Reverend Jim.